StereoMovie Player FF


StereoMovie Player FF is Windows software for 3D projection.
It has been redesigned to maximize playback performance by eliminating unnecessary functions such as adjustment functions for the purpose of showing images that have been separately adjusted with StereoMovie Maker FF or other software.
Please note that although it looks similar to StereoMovie Maker FF in appearance, it is a completely different product in content.

Similar windows software, Directshow-based "Stereo Movie Player" and "Stereo Slideshow" are available, but they are a bit cumbersome to use, such as requiring separate Directshow filters for various video formats.
Stereo Movie Player FF uses the FFmpeg API, which is also used by the Chrome browser and VLC media player.
It supports a wide range of video formats without the need for an external decoder.
As for H264/265 MP4, it supports high-speed hardware decoding using nVidia and Intel GPUs, so FullHD SBS (3840x1080) videos can be played at 60fps without frame dropping on a sufficiently powerful device
(Unfortunately, 4K SBS is currently not usable in terms of performance, as it does not support hardware decoding.)
Since StereoMovie Player FF Ver 0.43 included in StereoMovie Maker FF Ver 1.04, soft decoding is now performed in multi-threaded mode, so on the latest CPUs, the decoding process is rather faster than hardware decoding.
You can select the decoder in the file open dialog.
Normally, there should be no problem with soft decoding, but if there are many frame drops, please select hardware decoding (nVidia/Intel) if necessary.

Main features,
(1) SBS, T/B, and various anaglyphs can be displayed for SBS format and left/right video/still images separately.
(2) multi-screen can be freely set up and used.
(3) Slide show list creation and loading function.
(4) Playback of videos/still images in folders in sequence, slideshow playback
(5) A control dialog is displayed on a PC for control, separate from the projector for projection, from which video seek control, volume control, video switching, etc. can be performed.
(6) When the movie finishes, it is possible to automatically change to the registered standby screen (stereo club logo image, etc.).
(7) Left-right switching/changeable image width (half-width/double-width)

Please see this page for instructions on how to use it.

Download is included in the latest version of StereoMovie Maker FF.