StereoMovie Maker FF


StereoMovie Maker FF on Mac OS

Please use StereoMovie Player FF for playback of movies produced with this software.

The videos below are intended to give you an overview of StereoMovie Maker FF capabilities.
They do not represent the current User Interface (UI).
(In this documentation,the word 'image' generally refers to movies or still images)

The above video opens a Fuji W3 file,displays as a gray anaglyph,auto-aligns,custom resizes,adds custom text and saves as a stereo image
It also saves Panasonic 3D1 images as separate,synchronised right/left files and demonstrates synch adjustment.

The above video Auto-aligns VR180 (Equirectangular SBS) images and creates a 3D video from a 2D video taken with a single camera moving horizontally to the subject.

"StereoMovie Maker" is available as stereo-video creation/editing software, but this software uses a very old technology called Microsoft's Video for Windows (VFW), which basically only handles AVI files and requires an external codec depending on the video compression format, which these days is often difficult to obtain.
Therefore, updates have been suspended for quite some time now.

I have created a new stereo movie creation/editing software "StereoMovie Maker FF" as a successor to "StereoMovie Maker", using the open source video editing software "FFMpeg".

It has been tested on Windows10/11 and some Mac OS versions
Most of the video files that can be read are video formats supported by "FFMpeg", so most video files can be read.
Also, 3D AVI files shot with Fujifilm 3D cameras can be imported with left-right separation, and a batch file to separate 3D AVHCD used for Sony and Panasonic 3D videos is included.
For editing, the automatic left-right adjustment (popular in StereoPhoto Maker(SPM)) is now supported for video.
Unlike StereoPhoto Maker, the new version uses OpenCV for automatic adjustment, which is faster than StereoPhoto Maker.
Of course, manual vertical and horizontal position adjustment is also available.
SMM-FF has been created because most video-editors cannot edit 3D movies.
This includes automatic left/right adjustment,insertion of text or a logo at any depth and VR180-editing features.
It is one of the few (only ?) video-editing programs that can create Top/Bottom (T/B) half-height movies.
The clips created by SMM-FF can then be included on the timeline of regular editors.
The SMM-FF folder and included files can be located on your PC wherever you wish including the special 'C:\Program Files' and you could add a shortcut to it from Windows 'Start'.
If you wish, your source-images folder filename can include spaces.

How to Use

Please see this page.


SMM_SMP FF Ver1.23 (SMM-FF Ver1.21 / SMP-FF Ver1.23) (All necessary DLLs, etc. for execution are included.)

StereoMovie Maker FF, execute "stmmkrff_64_eng.exe" or "stmmkrff_32_eng.exe" in the extracted folder.
StereoMovie player FF, execute "stmplyff_64_eng.exe" or "stmplyff_32_eng.exe" in the extracted folder.

SMM_SMP FF 32bit Version Ver1.23 46MByte

SMM_SMP FF 64bitVersion Ver1.23 59MByte

Version History
SMM_SMP FF Ver1.23 21th,Aug,2023
SMM-FF Ver1.20->Ver1.21
- Fixed an issue that prevented normal processing of videos in which the video track was not the first one.
SMP-FF Ver1.20->Ver1.23
- Fixed an issue that prevented normal processing of videos in which the video track was not the first one.
- Fixed an issue where videos with audio longer than video could not be terminated normally.
- Enhanced control functions for 3D projection

SMM_SMP FF Ver1.10 29th,Jul,2023
SMM-FF Ver1.11->Ver1.20
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused skewed images when saving videos.
SMP-FF Ver1.10->Ver1.20
- Added display of video progress even when the control PC monitor screen is blacked out(Display ON/OFF by mouse double click)

SMM_SMP FF Ver1.10 22th,Jul,2023
SMM-FF Ver1.10->Ver1.11
- When saving videos, SAR (Sample Aspect Ratio) is now always saved at 1:1.
SMP-FF Ver1.00->Ver1.10
- Changed cursor not to be displayed on full screen video display screen
- Added an option to "Full Screen Monitor Setting" to black out the monitor screen of the control PC so that it does not interfere with the projection during projector screenings.

SMM_SMP FF Ver1.00 New release 21st,Jun,2023(Stereoscopy Day)

Main Features

- SBS video/still image loading (video formats supported by ffmpeg, still image formats supported by Windows Imaging Component (WIC)
- Separate left and right video/still image loading(video formats supported by ffmpeg, still image formats supported by WIC)
- VR180 (SBS) and 3D 360(SBS/TB) can be converted and input to planar SBS, etc.
- High-speed drawing by Direct 2D (Due to Direct2D limitations, images larger than approximately 16,000 pixels in width cannot be displayed.)
- Edited video is saved as H264/H265 MP4 files (bit rate and image quality can be set) for video, and still images are automatically determined by file extension in a WIC-compatible file format.
- Supports various stereo formats (2D, SBS, various anaglyphs, LR/RL)
- Half-width and double-width conversion
- Can also be saved separately for left and right (saved twice for left and right in 2D)
- Automatic left/right image position adjustment(Japanese explanation on Youtube)(Japanese explanation on Youtube)
- Automatic color matching of left and right images(Japanese explanation on Youtube)
- Synchronization adjustment of left and right videos(Japanese explanation on Youtube)
- Output vertical and horizontal resolution can be specified (the inside of the image can be cropped or the entire image can be used, and the excess portion can be blacked out to the specified size and optionally cropped).
- Rotation/mirror image processing of input video(Japanese explanation on Youtube)
- Video seek control(Japanese explanation on Youtube)
- Multiple "text additions" and "logo image additions" are possible by specifying frames in the video.(Japanese explanation on Youtube)
- 3D AVHCD left/right separation used in Sony and Panasonic 3D videos(Japanese explanation on Youtube)
- Video information display using the included ffprobe.exe

Basic workflow (example of 3DAVI shot with a Fujifilm 3D camera)

1. Open "DSCF****.AVI" with Menu->File->Open SBS Image File (or press O key), and playback starts immediately in SBS (loop playback).
Files can also be opened by dragging.

2. It is easier to check for left-right misalignment by displaying as anaglyphs using Menu->Stereo->Color Anaglyph (or press 2 key).

3. Menu->Operation->Pause/Resume (or P key or left mouse click) will stop playback.
Perform the same operation again to resume playback.
Press the space key to advance frame-by-frame.
Right mouse click to go back to the first frame and play it

4. Pressing Menu->Adjustment->Auto alignment (or 'A' key) will automatically adjust left and right at the current frame and apply the adjusted values to all subsequent frames.

5. After auto alignment, the position can be adjusted with the left and right arrow keys, so set the depth to your preference.

6. You can resize it to any size you like by going to Menu->Operation->Resize.
If you set the custom size to 1920x1080, you can export in full HD size.

7. After editing is complete, the video is exported, and if necessary, H264/H265 and bit rate can be set in Menu->File->Save.

8. When saving is complete, you will be asked whether you want to play the saved video or the original video.

There is no problem with 3DAVI shot with a Fujifilm 3D camera, since the left and right images are synchronized, but for synchronization of videos that are not synchronized, go to Menu->Adjustment-> Synch adjust L/R(or press Ctrl+Left/Right arrow keys) and advance the frame that is lagging.

For audio, if the audio of the original video is AAC, it is copied as is; otherwise, if it is video only, the ffmpeg.exe in the same folder is called after the MP4 video is created to convert the audio of the original video to mp3, which is then combined with the video-only MP4 video, and exported to the specified output file. (So, after all frames are processed, it will take some time to complete the process.)

3D AVHCD left/right separation

From Ver1.01, when you open a 3D AVHCD file with StereoMovie Maker FF, it automatically starts an external batch file "3DAVHCD.bat", passes the frame rate and image size analyzed from the video, separates left and right, and when finished , left and right videos are loaded.
It is a 3D video format used in 3D videos from Sony and Panasonic.
It contains the left video, audio, subtitles, and right video in four tracks, but the right video contains only the visual differences of the left video, and even powerful video editing software such as FFmpeg cannot extract the right video. Some paid software such as Stereoscopic Player supports this, but there seems to be almost no free software that can extract left and right images. Therefore, by combining the following free software, you can extract the right image from the 3D AVHCD file, combine it with the original image (left), and read it into "StereoMovie Maker FF" to edit the 3D AVHCD.

1. eac3to (
Separates and extracts the left and right video channels from a 3D AVHCD file.

2. FRIM Decoder (
Decodes the file extracted and separated by eac3to into YUV format. eac3to can also export the file in YUV format, but since it is uncompressed, the file will be huge and time-consuming.
This makes it possible to pass only the frame data through Pipe to be processed by FFMpeg, eliminating the need for intermediate files and speeding up the processing.

3. FFMpeg(
The frame data passed from the FRIM Decoder through the pipe is written to a video file and at this time, information about the frames received from the pipe (resolution, frame rate, video format, etc.) must be specified as parameters.
In the batch file created this time, the default resolution (1920x1080), frame rate (29.97), and video format (yuv420p) are specified, but if you want to process a different video, the default settings in the 3DAVCHD batch file need to be changed.
If you drop your video onto the batch file you will be prompted to enter new values for resolution and framerate if they are different from the current default.
If the video is played back 'as is' before the left-right separation , it will be the left video, so we only need to export the right video.
Also, using FFMpeg, export the audio from the original video to mp3 and merge it with the right video.

Dropping the 3D AVHCD files into "3DAVHCD.bat" in the downloaded ZIP file will automatically perform the above process and output the right side video.
Finally, it deletes the intermediate files, audio files, and other files that are no longer needed.
Now that the left and right images are ready, you can freely edit them by opening them as left(Original 3D AVHCD file) and right(Created file) videos in "StereoMovie Maker FF".

From Ver1.01, when you open a 3D AVHCD file with StereoMovie Maker FF, the batch file "3DAVHCD.bat" is automatically started, the frame rate and image size analyzed from the movie are passed, the left and right files are written, and finally the left and right videos are loaded.
AVHCD is saved in interlaced format (with scanning lines divided into even and odd numbers), so it looks beautiful on compatible TVs, etc.
However,when viewed frame-by-frame on a PC, the even and odd lines are misaligned and this produces 'combing' (looks like skewer teeth) in areas of intense motion.
Therefore, "StereoMovie Maker FF" has a selectable "de-interlace" mode that de-interlaces and uses only even lines to linearly complement odd lines.
(ON/OFF is toggled each time the D key is pressed.)