Looking Glass Web applications

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Looking Glass displays multi-view images by applying lenticular lenses diagonally across the entire surface of the LCD.
The angle and pitch of the lenticular lenses vary from one LCD to another.
Therefore, by transferring this information to a PC, the correct display can be made for any individual unit.
In the past, "HoloPlay Service" was used to transfer this information to the PC, Since Looking Glass Portrait, the HoloPlay Service is no longer supported and the Looking Glass Bridge is used instead.
In addition, Looking Glass Portrait stores a JSON file containing this information in the body.
The web application for Looking Glass on this site was using the "HoloPlay Service" and became unusable due to errors.
Therefore, i created a web app that acquires calibration values from the "Looking Glass Bridge" or JSON files stored in the main unit, and stores them in the local storage allocated to each domain in browser.
The web application for each Looking Glass has been modified to read the local storage when the "HoloPlay Service" makes an error, so that once the calibration values are imported to the local storage, all applications will display using those calibration values.
If you change Looking Glass to another Looking Glass, please save the calibration values to the local storage again.
Web App. for storing Looking Glass calibration values

Change application from main menu Big Menu Version for Single monitor(Looking Glass)

I made some Web based Looking Glass application with Holoplay.js which is made by Looking Glass Factory.
Please use the Google Chrome!

If your main display is not 100% scaling,
When you open WEB app on Main display then move to Looking Glass, you get a NG image like this image.

In this case, you have to reload(Ctrl+R/F5) the WEB app on Looking Glass or change display scaling to 100% for getting OK image.
We need to install Three.js driver on our computers in order to read calibration from the Looking Glass.
Once we install them once, however, we won't have to do it again!

Drop the image /movie file in these WEB applications for viewing. You can drop multiple files in some applications , and you can change the image / movie with space/back space key.
Changed HoloPlay.js Ver0.2.1 , Quilt Viewer/Depth Viwer uses front buttons.(2019/05/03)

For Quilt image/movie
Quilt Viewer

Show the quilt image/movie.

Download source files

For Horizontal shift movies
Horizontal shift movies viewer

Show the Horizontal shift movies.
Horizontal shift movie samplecreated by Stereo eYe.

Download source files
180 degrees Horizontal shift movies viewer

Show the 180 degrees Horizontal shift movies.

Download source files

For Depth map
2D+Depth map viewer

Please use Stereo photo maker for making depth map from stereo pair.

Sample images

Download source files
Mr. Takamatsu's painting viewer

Mr. Takamatsu's painting viewer
You can download Mr. Takamatsu's painting from here.

Download source files
Dual lens iPhone portrait photo viewer

The depth map image is included in the dual lens iPhone portrait photo. So, you can drop your iPhone portrait photos in this page with out pre-conversion.

Sample images

Download source files
360 degree 2D+Depth map viewer

You can download the Kandao Obsidian sample movies fro here.

Download source files
180 degree 2D+Depth map viewer

You can make the depth map with Qoocam studio,if you have the Kandao QooCam.

Download source files
2D+Depth map 3D model viewer

This viewer can convert from 2D+depth map to 3D model. you can rotate 3D model with mouse drag.
Sample images

Download source files

For 3D model
I made some Looking Glass pages from Three.js samples.
Lucy model
Little Tokyo
Crystal ball
Panorama scene
Dancing doll
Human's head

For getting the calibration values of Stereo Photo Maker
For getting the calibration values of Stereo Photo Maker
Show the calibration values for Stereo Photo Maker

Sample Pages
You can see these pages in the Looking Glass
Quilt Movie sample page

click full Screen button for playing movie
Quilt image slide show sample page

Show 5 images with 5sec. interval
Macro Room Sample

Quilt images from Macro Room's wonderful movie.