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Sample Movie;

High Quality Stereo Movies by Ai

Rose by Ai Ume by Ai Cactus by Ai Flower by Ai
Side-by-Side(Cross-eyed) DIVX 2540kByte Side-by-Side(Parallel-eyed) DIVX 14434kByte Side-by-Side(Parallel-eyed) DIVX 11227kByte Side-by-Side(Cross-eyed) Xvid 648kByte

Cycling in Hibiya Park by Suto Tokyo Disney Sea by Suto Summer festival by Mr. Aoki Driving around Tama river by Mr. Aoki Awa Dance by Mr. Mutsuda Summer festival by Suto (Large-48M) (Small-15M) Dance on the lake by Ai Dance by Ai
Side-by-Side(Parallel-eyed) MS Mpeg4 104003kByte Side-by-Side(Parallel-eyed) MS Mpeg4 44395kByte Side-by-Side(Parallel-eyed) MS Mpeg4 37927kByte Side-by-Side(Parallel-eyed) MS Mpeg4 23432kByte Side-by-Side(Parallel-eyed) MS Mpeg4 45072kByte Side-by-Side(Cross-eyed) Xvid
48379kByte(Large) 15367kByte(Small)
Side-by-Side(Cross-eyed) Xvid 2323kByte Side-by-Side(Cross-eyed) Xvid 6751kByte

Summer Bobsleigh by Suto Climbing by Suto Tiger by Ai Meerkat by Ai Bird by Ai
Above/Below(50%) Xvid 45380kByte Above/Below(50%) MS Mpeg4 22745kByte Above/Below(50%) Xvid 6106kByte Above/Below(50%) Xvid 3395kByte Above/Below(50%) Xvid 5187kByte


DV Type2
Panasonic VFW DV codec

Ulead DV Converter
Ulead DV Converter conveniently changes DV Type I format video to DV Type II.

Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec
Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec Pack


XviD binaries