How to use HTML5 3D Viewer

Menu Dropdown Key Function
X Q Back to the previous page
Full Enter Full-Screen if supported by browser
Click here to learn how to view it in full screen on your iPhone.
Fit F Fit to Screen size
L/R X Swap Left/Right images
Stereo S Dropdown menu for the stereo viewing method
SBS Side by side
LR/RL Parallel/Cross view
Dubois Dubois Anaglyph (Red-Cyan)
Color Color Anaglyph (Red-Cyan)
Gray Gray Anaglyph (Red-Cyan)
H_Int. Column Interlaced
3DLCD Row Interlaced
HSBS Side-by-side (50% width)
Mirror Right side mirror image display
2D Single Image View
Slide Dropdown menu for Slide Show
Off 0 Stop Slide Show
(Loop playback for movie)
3 Sec. 3 Run Slide Show with 3 sec. Interval
(Continuous playback for movie)
5 Sec. 5 Run Slide Show with 5 sec. Interval
(Continuous playback for movie)
7 Sec. 7 Run Slide Show with 7 sec. Interval
(Continuous playback for movie)
10 Sec. Run Slide Show with 10 sec. Interval
(Continuous playback for movie)
<- BS Previous Image
-> SP Next Image
File You can switch between full and half
with the H key after opening the image.
Full SBS Open full width SBS movie/image
Half SBS Open half width SBS movie/image
Full T/B Open full height T/B movie/image
Half T/B Open herf height T/B movie/image
Help Dropdown menu for Help
Japanese Japnese help page
English English help page
Version Show version No.
Reset Reset to default setting
M Show/Hide menu buttons
Mouse double click
If you don't operate for 3 seconds, the menu will disappear.

During video playback, video controls appear at the bottom of the screen.
progress bar Display video playback position and
change playback position by dragging
Elapsed time indication Display video length and current playback position in seconds
Play P Video Playback/Pause
Stop Stops video playback and
restores the playback position to the beginning.
volume indication Volume level in %.
UP increase in volume
Down decrease in volume
Mute Muting

Image position/rotation adjustment
(the adjustment value is cleared when the image is switched)
arrow key Position adjustment of left and right images
K/L key Rotation adjustment of left and right images
Home or C key Adjustment value clear

Mouse (PC)
Mouse wheel Zoom in/out
Double click Show/Hide menu buttons
Mouse drag move image position
Drag and drop files Open movie/image files(multiple)

Touch (iPad/iPhone/Android etc)
Pinch Zoom in/out
double taps Show/Hide menu buttons
Touch scroll move image position